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Circuit Board Assembly: Products


AES is a highly qualified, experienced and proven electronic manufacturing organization committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction across every step of the order fulfillment, manufacturing process and support experience. Our team are highly experienced, IPC certified, proven and continually trained in each specialty area.

Operationally we provide an A-Z flexible service model. Our core services include fully automated and manual hand soldering services, mixed circuit board assembly services -- surface mount technology (SMT) -- through-hole technology (THT) -- mixed assembly (MA), in addition to engineering and prototype development services to meet our customers unique requirements.

Manufacturing services and capabilities include the following:

  • PCB Assembly Services

  • PCB Fabrication

  • Turnkey and Consignment Project Fulfillment

  • Supply Chain Management

  • SMT, THT and Mixed Assembly

  • Prototype, Medium and Large Volume Production

  • BGA X-Ray Testing and Certification

  • SMT Manufacturing Automation

  • THT Wave Solder Manufacturing Automation

  • Testing and Quality Control Services

  • Packaging and Shipping Services

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) 

  • ISO: 9001:2015, AS9100D Certified

  • ANSI-J-STD001F and  IPC610A Certified

  • ETL Certified (US)

  • ANSI/ESD Compliant

  • ITAR Compliant

Circuit Board


Conformal coating service is applied to the surface of circuit board assemblies, and if required, to targeted electrical components to insulate and protect them during use. Coatings improve PCBA performance under any circumstances but are especially valuable for their functional tolerance to harsher working environments.


Our conformal coating application consists of either manually dispensing over the entire circuit board assembly surface, or it's application could be applied to specified targeted areas and their surfaces without affecting performance.

Certified at NASA-STD-8739.1.2.3 offers Polymeric Applications for Electronic Assemblies. Our technicians perform the Conformal Coating process in house in one of our ventilated bays. Each chemical application is carefully mixed, applied and witnessed in our Foreign Object Debris free space, then cured in a vacuum purge oven to ensure proper adherence.

conformal coating


  • (FCT) - Functional Testing Final Assembly

  • (ICT) - In-Circuit Testing Component Level

  • (BGA) - X-Ray Analysis and Certification

  • ​(AOI) Automated Optical Inspection

electronic testing
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